Festival of the Lights


Festival of Lights  2014 jan / feb. weekends Apeldoorn,

 Loolaan 49,  Netherlands.

 City Lights

Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam canals, twilight. 2014 w.s.


Red Bondage, #08275

Red Bondage. #8275  2014.  Streepogram.



Green Bondage #8274 2014.  Streepogram.


Blue bondage #8277

Blue Bondage #8277 2014.  Streepogram.

Festival of the Lights  Old & New   Feest van het Licht Oud  & Nieuw 2012 – 2013


Weekend Gallery, Loolaan 49, Apeldoorn, Netherlands.  Works of Wim Streep.

Feest van het licht  Feest van het licht Green   Feest van het licht, Blue

Light feast, Feest van het Licht, Fest der Lichter, Fete des Lumieres, Festival of Lights.

Solo exhibition of the work of Wim Streep. A lot of the most painted works are concerning several years. And dedicated to special lights,  And also special is the colored lightning of red, green, blue and red, yellow, blue. Theme: Light and Dark Amsterdam, Women and salamanders. The location is Loolaan 49, Apeldoorn, Netherlands, (Two) Weekend Galerie, Besides painting I used  the template technique. Most of the works are 80x80cm., 60×80 cm, and 90×90 cm. Please see my site:  wimstreep.nl for further in formation. the show can be visited sat.29-30 dec. and 5-6 jan2013 from 13.00 – 17.00 or by appointment. wimstreep.nl



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